Xiaomi provides the best After-Sales Service experience

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Confirmed by 500+ respondents in a research survey

RedQuanta, leading consumer intelligence firm from India today announced that Xiaomi, the youngest entrant of the Fortune 500 club has been consecutively chosen by consumers as “the best brand” when it comes to after-sales services in Bangladesh for Q4 2019. Placing a major focus on speed of problem resolution, it was revealed that Xiaomi ranks No 1 on Aftersales Customer Satisfaction in Bangladesh.

On closer analysis, it has been noted that Xiaomi is also improving rapidly on various other metrics such as infrastructure and ambience, issue resolution and staff knowledge, among others. Between Q3 2019 to Q1 2020 —there were consistent improvements for Xiaomi’s after-sales services, gradually widening the gap between Xiaomi and other brands; namely Samsung & Huawei.

While Samsung improved on customer satisfaction and Huawei had a good loyalty base supporting the brand through recommendations, it was Xiaomi that displayed consistent growth and improvements across most parameters of the survey.

RedQuanta, consumer intelligence firm conducted this study aiming to understand leading smartphone brands’ commitments to their customers towards after-sales. The journey of a typical customer seeking repair & service of their smartphone was divided into five segments: infrastructure & ambience at the service facility, smoothness of service initiation, staff interaction, the turnaround time for service completion and quality of issue resolution. Each of these responses was separately scored and analyzed. This study was conducted across the leading smartphone players – Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei present in Dhaka and other main cities through the country.