Money Heist, part 4: Great potential ruined

Money Heist, part 4: Great potential ruined

We start part 4 from where we left it on part three; Nairobi shot almost to death, Lisbon caught and falsely executed to entrap the Professor. The Professor, filled with grudge and sorrow, declaring a war. All in all, it was a total mess, which we expected to recover this season.

Like the first two/three parts of the show the acting, cinematography and editing stand out. On the contrary, the quality of the script goes down. The show was originally created by Alex pina, who overviewed the writing of the first two parts and some of the episodes of part three but the rest of part three and entire part four is mainly done by Ana Boyero, Luis Moya, Emilia Diez and several other writers, a change which becomes strikingly clear as the story moves along.

To point a few out without spoilers, a major surgical procedure was done just right by Tokyo with no professional to guide her, Palermo teaches an A-grade assassin how to break free from a handcuff, Arturo harasses women at the midst of a heist, a top-grade police officer having a ton of options in his hand just passes information to a known criminal, Alicia without even watching the CCTV footage finds out the professor and most importantly no story development whatsoever.

To conclude, it’s the same mess again; just like how we left it after part three and all we can do is wait for the next part to fix them up, hopefully.