All in one elevator control solution for your organization by ZKTeco

All in one elevator control solution for your organization by ZKTeco

ZKTeco offers one of the best comprehensive all in one elevator control solution in the market. This top of the line elevator control system allows different user to access doors, assign door access rights, and restrict floors to unauthorized users.

The users have to present card on the elevator, and the elevator will allow the user to reach the assigned level allowing security management of the whole building. The Elevator Control is able to limit elevators’ operation in a specific time. This elevator control system also comes with a global interlock that enhances the security level by interacting with different security areas. It prevents persons from opening more than one door at a single time even the persons have multiple door access authorities. It also is able to precisely appoint access authorities including activations of access authorities of specific doors only when the correlated doors are locked up properly. The solution also comes with easy to use software solution. The users can just simply click out the corresponding date and time via ZKBioSecurity software’s web-based platform and get approval by pressing a hand or finger to a scanner. 

This proven and recognized biometric procedure ensures that the person is authorised and has a right to book a room and working time of the elevator. ZKTeco elevator control can either operate in online or online mode too. There are multiple tiers to the alert process of this system including output point, video linkage, active time, email notification and linkage voice prompts.

For details about the product, visit: www.zkteco.com.bd