Seattle-based entrepreneur Michael Peres’ Mega-GMAT resources file aides 120,000 MBA aspirants

Michael Peres in Washington.

Software Engineer and travel entrepreneur Michael Peres have teamed up with venture capitalist Ariana Desiree Thacker to create a Mega-GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) resources folder that can be easily accessed by aspiring Masters in Business Administration (MBA) students.

Peres, a 29-year-old native of Montreal Canada, is receiving thousands of requests daily from his website https://michaelperes.com/resource-files/ and LinkedIn account www.linkedin.com/in/mikeyperes from individuals who need help with their GMAT preparations.

Seen below is one of Peres’ LinkedIn posts requesting people to comment on their email to gain access to the GMAT resources. This post generated over 1600 requests from interested individuals.

Peres and Thacker are successful entrepreneurs who committed themselves to help others without expecting something in return.

Since the Mega-GMAT folders became accessible in 2018, it has given access to over 120,000 individuals. The number continues to increase at present.

The Mega-GMAT resource folder contains links to ebooks, free GMAT tutorials, and exams, application materials, as well as Thacker’s Quick B-School Tips, to Save Time and Money.

Meanwhile, grateful recipients of the Mega-GMAT resources file have been sending messages of appreciation to Peres and Thacker.

Just as Peres receives thousands of email requests for access to the Mega-GMAT folder daily, his inbox similarly comes full with messages of thanks detailing how the recipients benefited GMAT resources. 

LinkedIn followers Nicolas Gomez, Vaanya Gauri, and Merilloyd Lim stressed their admiration for Peres’ dedicating time to gather all the valuable resource materials and giving them away for free.

Other followers such as Suraj B and Stuti Ahlawat acknowledged that the Mega-GMAT resource file was really helping them in their GMAT preparations.

Ikjot Singh, even quipped how good he feels about the world because people like Peres, who think selflessly of others, exist.

On the other hand, Danielle Ukaogo expressed gratitude for the tireless and diligent effort Peres is doing especially giving time answering to all email requests daily.

Mabinouri Agboola and Shailendra Chaudhary also stressed that as an act of paying forward, they are compelled to share the resource materials to others as it would greatly help in their GMAT preparations.

Also, Melissa Franco and Mokhamad Dwiki and Richa Asthana, emphasized the innate goodness Peres have after creating the free resources that are really valuable for aspiring MBAs like them.

Even Training and Placement Officer Dr. Ankit Khan expressed his gratitude for the “great” resource that he can share with his students to expand their “knowledge horizon.”

Peres is the owner of companies Hexa Tiger and Hecto Fox, which have been successful in the business of web hosting and web development, generating over 400 clients in a span of 3 years. 

Currently, Peres is doing free work to establish trust with his clients and believes that when starting out, a company should focus on learning how to offer value, hone their skills rather than prioritizing on dollar earnings. 

Peres also does free consulting and mentoring for students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) related fields.

Aside from Mega-GMAT, Peres also created MBA resource files in collaboration with Lucas Miller a local business author, and venture capitalist Arianna Thacker. The MBA Summaries have given access to over 54,000 individuals since 2018.  Just recently, he also teamed up with product manager and travel hacker Julien Bortz to create resource folders on the best credit cards to use when traveling, which has reached over 3,000 people at present.

Peres was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 9. He looks at this disability as a strength to continually create innovative ways to help him and other people gain control of their personal and professional lives the way they want it to happen.