Google’s new brain implant will learn anything for you using AI

Google's new brain implant will learn anything for you using AI 5

We’ve all only dreamt of technologies that are going to just download all the information that we will ever need to learn. Often after falling unconscious while studying the night before that one terrible exam (or seen them in terrible science fiction shows). And apparently crazy tech is what science is into these days. (*ahem*Cybertruck*ahem.) And behold, “Google Brain“.

A brain implant that will learn stuff for me?

I still remember the times when I couldn’t remember anything at all for my school exams. Night after night, I would dream of technologies that would help me memorize that boring essay or unusually complicated letters.

‘Maybe a microchip of some sort’, I would think to myself, ‘implanted in my brain, transferring whatever information I need at every moment’.

I even remember in an episode of the infamous anime ‘Doraemon’, there was a gadget that looked like a cassette player. The thing was implanted into the chest, and cassettes filled with knowledge were inserted. Then the wearer learned and went on to possess the knowledge in the cassette for an ample amount of time. 

A brain implant that will learn stuff for me!

Dreams do come true, no matter how whacky they are. Much like Elon Musk’s “Neuralink technology“, Google is in the development stages of a neurochip. Nikolas Kairinos, founder and CEO of Fountech.ai, has been working to ‘personalize education’ by enabling anyone to learn almost anything using artificial intelligence.

His dream is the same as mine. No more memorizing, no more parrot-fashion learning at schools. Any queries will be answered immediately by an AI implant. It will communicate with chips installed into our brains. We won’t even have to type or write down anything. All we will need is some thinking and we will get the answers beamed straight into our heads. All of these, hypothetically of course, so far.

“If you look at the development of AI, the progress we are going to see in the next five years is going to tower what we have seen in the last 50,”. He is an expert with twenty years’ worth of experience. And seems to think that the next breakthroughs are real close, hence fingers crossed. The project will take 20 years, give or take, for completion. It’ll cost about 10,000 dollars, which is reasonable.

According to Nikolas Kairinos,

Looking forward to the day when I’m the local expert on all the pop trivia out there. That will be the day I correct all the forced references.