An evening of musical ecstasy at Jazz Planet 2.0

An evening of musical ecstasy at Jazz Planet 2.0 3

A group of young musicians playing the saxophones, drums and guitars with their eyes closed. The tunes flowing from their hearts through their bodies and out of the instruments. An awestruck crowd around them, moving their bodies along with the music as if in a trance.

An evening full of jazz, melancholy and joy.

We’re talking about Jazz Planet 2.0, which took place on February 1st, in Gulshan North Club.

A sold-out show, co-hosted by Planet X Inc, Jazz in Bangladesh, Gears for Ears and Verve Bangladesh, the event featured the SeeSaw Quartet, Robert Russell Trio, Imran Ahmed Trio and ended with a twist of Bengali folk.

A musical journey

At 7pm in the evening, as the small but enthusiastic crowd settled with coffee in their hands, the event opened with the SeeSaw Quartet. Rahin Haider took the crowd over with his saxophone as we found ourselves tapping our feets at the classic tunes of jazz. After a magical opening performance by the SeeSaw Quartet, came the Robert Russell Trio, with Robert Russell at the keys.

The crowd remained glued to his individual performance. And his group took us through a musical journey that had components of Asian, Middle Eastern and Classical Jazz music.

An evening of musical ecstasy at Jazz Planet 2.0

The final attraction of the show was none but the Imran Ahmed Trio. Their performance centered around modern jazz, latin music, flamenco and gypsy jazz. What started as a mellow performance, soon took the crowd over with an electric energy as the performance was coming to an end with touches of gypsy jazz.

With a surprise twist at the end, the event closed off with two of the most delightful Bangla folk songs from Hasan Raja’s musicals.

“The piano ain’t got no wrong notes.” 

In a dull and hectic Dhaka, we long for getaways that saves us from the old dining out habit on weekends. In a city that lacks enough theatres, performance art stages, musical shows and all things that cater to the soul, we hope that Jazz Planet will return again with all its magic because we can not get forget the smell of coffee with the sound of jazz.