Country’s first bicycle sharing service, JoBike, launches in Dhaka

Country's first bicycle sharing service, JoBike launches in Dhaka 1

Bicycle rental is not an uncommon concept. It has gained popularity in countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore. Last year, around this time, JoBike bicycle rental launched in Cox’s Bazar.

JoBike is a phone app which helps the user find a bicycle nearby that they can rent. Once users download the app they need to create an account. Then users need to scan the QR code to unlock their bikes.

For Dhaka users and Cox’s Bazaar users, the rate Tk.1 per minute. Tk.3 per five minutes is the rate for university users. The JoBike app has already been downloaded 35,000 times. The bikes have been used approximately 3,000 times.

Current service coverage

Since its launch in Cox’s Bazaar, people have been receptive to the idea. Apart from Cox’s Bazaar and Mirpur DOHS, JoBike is also operating in Jahangirnagar University and the University of Chittagong. A total of 200 bikes are being used in those campuses. JoBike is meeting the increasing demand in the existing campuses with an increment of 50 bicycles this week. The company donated an additional 25 bicycles to help move workers quickly at the Rohingya Refugee Camp in Cox’s Bazar.

JoBike launched in Cox’s Bazar before Dhaka

Plans to expand

Now, a year after the launch, JoBike is extending their operation to Dhaka. They want to shift habits so that cycling is adapted as a mainstream method of transportation. This form of transportation has the potential to become more popular because it is an eco-friendly, healthy and cheaper alternative to bikes and cars.

The service in Dhaka is still in test drive mode. For now, the service will only be provided in Mirpur DOHS with 50 bicycles.

“We got an extraordinary response from our customers in those three places and that’s why we have moved to the capital. We are now targeting to launch the service commercially in other parts of the city within two months.”

According to Mehedi Reza the CEO of JoBike.

Reza also plans on capital-wide expansion within the month. According to him “Our plan is to make the service popular within one month in the capital and move for some residential areas like Basundhara,”

JoBike is certainly a service to keep an eye on.

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