Why you should binge Rick and Morty this vacation

What rick and morty gets right about this world

Nowadays TV shows get rated as either watchable or not watchable. Good and excellent ratings barely exist. Amid all of these, there’s Rick And Morty. A cartoon show that was supposed to be a nasty parody of Back To The Future. Instead, it ended up becoming a highly beloved TV show, because of its use of dark comedy and Sci-fi element and so on. Let’s take a look what makes this show binge-worthy.

It Is Stupendously DARK!

A show where the grandpa is a drunk jerk. Who treats his weak grandson like a lab rat. Disregards everyone else. Doesn’t hesitate to even kill a version of him from another dimension. And escaping into one with Morty where that universe’s Rick and Morty died and living there taking the dead one’s place. Need a minute to process? It’s okay, Rick and Morty tends to have that effect on people.

Also to quote Morty on life “Nobody Exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Come to watch TV”. If that’s not dark then I don’t know what is.

Loads of action!

Oh My, Rick! When I say loads of action, I mean LOADS OF ACTION. All of the thirty-one episodes are filled with action. Starting with episode one of the first season to the last episode of the third. Sometimes the action is mediocre. Sometimes Rick and Morty end up purging in a different planet in Ironman like armor. Then there was the time when Rick turned himself into a pickle to escape from family time. Ends up in the sewer accidentally, makes an exoskeleton and a jet pack out of dead rats (Yeah, you read that right) and makes his way back to his house. Crazy stuff.

Got the Sci-Fi Elements Right

It’s not every day you see a cartoon show pulling off two big scientific theories in one episode. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the very first episode of a season two, “A Rickle In Time”. This episode managed to pull off Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which states that you can’t exactly measure an object’s position and exact speed. Not even in theory. Then the famous Schrodinger’s Cat Theory. Not long after in the third episode of the same season. The show managed to pull off the concept of Collective Hivemind through an entity known as Unity. Unity was at a point Rick’s girlfriend.

The Characters are Planned

This is one of those shows which doesn’t randomly add characters. Each and every character is well thought of and serves their purpose really well. Now, the story itself is not that simple. A lot of things happen in a single episode. But each character’s role in every episode is well thought of.  Say, Evil Morty. We first see him in season one, at the end of the episode we knew he would come back as something greater. Then later on season three he later he takes over the whole citadel through careful planning. It’s like he planned this since his first appearance. But Evil Morty is no minor character. NoobNoob, on the other hand, is a minor character with four minutes of screen time at best. Yet the episode Vindicators 3: Return of Worldender ends up being his episode. At the end of the episode, an extremely drunk Rick is shown to have done everything he did, because of Noobnoob. Rick felt Noobnoob was really unappreciated and something should be done about it.

It is relatable to real life

What rick and morty gets right about this world

Rick and Morty has no hero. If you think about the philosophy behind all the major characters, Rick, Morty, Beth, Summer, and Jerry, they all are based on people with some really common problems.

Rick is a drunk old man. Who lost his wife and he bailed on his daughter. Later, he gets a second chance to do something good. But he can’t become a good example for his grandchildren and makes situations worse than they are supposed to be.

Morty is a not so popular fourteen years old. Who has an abusive grandpa and gets bullied at school.

Summer is a normal angsty teenager who is always stuck on her phone, taking videos of her dog. She cares for her family but finds their methods of interaction with her dysfunctional.

Beth and Jerry are husband and wife who are struggling with their marriage. Both love each other, yet they are extremely confused and fight a lot, which has an effect on the kids.


What rick and morty gets right about this world

One of the best things about this show is Rick’s catchphrases. They are whacky, they are weird, they make no sense, and they are catchy. Period.

Rick and Morty just doesn’t add elements. The show also pulls off the added element in a systematic manner. Only a handful of shows can do that these days. And that is exactly why the world needs more shows like Rick and Morty. The show will soon return for a season 4 on Netflix. Don’t miss out!

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