How to get started with a new language

Learning a new language is a skill that can make someone appear infinitely more interesting instantaneously. It is a skill that research has proved to improve your problem-solving skills, memory, verbal and spatial abilities, cognitive abilities, and much more. Moreover, in the globalized world that we live in today, knowing a new language can be a huge plus on your resume. So if you’ve decided to learn a new language – whatever that may be – congratulations on making such an excellent choice! Now on to the next step: where can you learn it?

Finding foreign language courses in Dhaka

Institute of Modern Languages, University of Dhaka

The Institute of Modern Languages currently offers 1-year non-degree courses on 12 languages – Arabic, Chinese, Korean, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish. There are also short courses available on many languages. The Institute includes a library and 5 learning labs. Whatever language you’re looking to learn, you will probably (and hopefully) find it offered here.

Goethe Institut Bangladesh

Goethe-Institut Bangladesh is the most renowned language institute for German in the country. Offering both standard and intensive 10-week programs, they offer a wide range of class times that you can certainly fit into your schedule from A1 to C1 levels.

Credit: Goethe-Institut Bangladesh

Alliance Française de Dhaka

Alliance Française de Dhaka offers a wide range of French courses for kids, teens, and adults. They offer four 3-month sessions around the year, from A1 to B2 levels. They also offer classes on both weekends and weekdays, so however crazy your routine is, you can definitely find a class timing that works for you.

Japanese University Alumni Association in Bangladesh

JUUAB offers many Japanese language courses with the help of native teachers from Japan. With a maximum class size of 30 students, their available courses each have different focuses. Currently, they are offering a Special Conversation course of 1-3 months, a standard Conversation course of 3 months, or a Comprehensive Japanese Language Course of 6 months duration. As long as you have an HSC or equivalent qualification, you can enroll.

Still can’t find courses in the language you want to learn? Or can’t afford to commit to another class?

Learn a new language for free through apps on your phone!

Here are a few handy apps you can download and get to learning right away:

1. Duolingo

From Spanish to Portuguese to Danish, Duolingo is a fun app to learn a new language for free. Learn at your own time and pace with speaking, listening and writing tasks. It feels almost like playing a game, but to learn a new language. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

2. Memrise

Memrise offers courses in Korean, Arabic, Chinese, and much more. With very interactive classes, Memrise makes learning extremely fun and easy, and was specifically developed to test continuously and develop courses in such a way that it stays in your memory. Available on iOS and Android.

With this list, it’s nearly impossible not to find a course that fits your needs. So go ahead and get enrolling (or downloading), ich wünsche dir alles Gute for your journey ahead!

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