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Every day millions of people are working in Bangladesh. Some are busy with their work, others are roaming around the busy city. Every major city is busy in the world, and Dhaka is one of the busiest cities among them. Around 20 million people live in Dhaka. Some ride in cars, some in rickshaws, some in CNGs, and others in motorcycles.

Everyone’s main target is to reach the workplace safely and on time. However, can they reach on time given the time-consuming traffic situation? A lot of people choose a motorcycle to reach the destination, and that is possibly the fastest way. But not everyone can afford a motorcycle or ride them. Sharing a ride is currently very popular among the urbanites of Dhaka city. Many platforms are trying to provide this service. One of the most popular providers among them is Shohoz. Around 1 million people are using the Shohoz app to reach their work on time.

The rating of the app is pretty high in the Google Play store; its 4.1 out of 5. The size of the app is small so it could be downloaded quickly. The app won’t drain the battery and it uses minimal internet data. As the app has a high response time, its easy to use it. A user can request for a ride in less than a minute on an average. Bkash is available as one of the payment option. One of the important features of the app is that the emergency number of 999 could be called. The following are the features of the app:


The app is available for both Android and IOS users. Both the users could download the app for free from their perspective stores.


To register, the user has to provide their name, phone number, email ID, and a picture. It is necessary to provide the required information for the safety of both the drivers and riders.


Through the settings, the users are allowed to choose the language they prefer: English or Bengali. There is an option for the users to set both their home and work address in the app.


The total cost of the ride would be informed after the riders choose their destination. The app would start looking for available riders after the user confirms their choice. The user would be able to contact the chosen rider.


Users would be able to view various offers and notices in the notification section.

Trip History

The section “Your Trip” would have the information about the number of trips the user has completed. The detailed information about the trip would be available.


Referral screen

The users can refer the app to others and if the referred person start using the app, then the user would receive discounts.


Shohoz, coupon
Coupon screen

The users would able to use the available discount coupons which would be available under the coupon section. Other than that, the users would also be able to use Bkash offers.


The app was created by thinking about people’s safety. Native language was used while creating the app. Shohoz does background checks before hiring a driver and also make sure that the provided documents are valid. The app has been built in such a way that user can easily access the app and reach their chosen destination safely.

Technology has made people lives easier. New innovations are getting created day by day. Shohoz is one of those innovated apps.

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