Struggles of an older sibling

Anyone with siblings knows that life will be absolutely different without them. The older sibling has an experience that only other elder siblings can relate to. Here are the struggles that will certainly feel familiar if you are an elder sibling in your family:

1. The Guinea Pig:

For one, you’re the guinea pig of the family. Since your parents have never had kids before, they have a tendency to overdo things in their attempts to figure out what’s best for you, only to realize that the endeavor is worthless. So, now the younger siblings get the advantage of not going through all of that. Tasnova, the eldest among three sisters, shared her experience of shifting between 6 different schools as her parents figured out the best, while the other sisters got the stability of being in the same school all their lives.

2. You’re old news:

There is no way you cannot relate to this! The moment the younger sibling arrives, you’re old news. Your parents’ world that once used to revolve around you suddenly shifts. Everyone gets new stuff for the baby, while you still wait for your mom to maybe just notice you, let alone buy you that red jacket you asked for like three months ago. When I was 6 and my little sister was born, I was so frustrated I literally picked up my stuff (a red dress, an old sock, a Tk. 2 note, and my teddy) and ran away. I sat at the porch waiting for someone to come looking for me. After like an hour of waiting, I eventually had to get back home when I got hungry. So yeah.

3. A live-in babysitter:

You know what? You’re probably better at feeding babies and changing their diapers than your mom used to be. Because you are the most underrated and unappreciated goddamn live-in babysitter in the whole wide world! What’s worse is that sometimes you have to take them with you on your hangouts, so that they don’t feel left out while you feel left out from your hangout because you’ve brought a responsibility with you!

4. You’re a live-in tutor too:

Having been sent to like hundreds of tutors since you were a kid, you are now expected to be a live-in tutor for your siblings too. Like you did not have too much on your plate already.

5. Your thing is now their thing:

So that signature move that you had after saying something cool is not so awesome anymore because now it’s their thing too. No matter if you have a brother or a sister; they will try to follow every single thing you do. Whatever your favorite thing may be, it becomes their favorite thing too. You feel like their idol and it feels cute until it gets really annoying.

6. The responsible one:

The eldest is expected to be the responsible one in the bunch. Even when the little ones are fighting, the eldest must resolve things. While talking about how their fights used to end up, Maliha told us that when she and her younger sister were both fighting, she was the one who used to get in trouble. Why? Because she’s supposed to know better. Duh.

7. You’re the late bloomer:

You sit there clueless while your friends talk about all those cool retro bands they learned about from their older siblings. I mean your little siblings have you, who’ve you got?

8. Watching them get away with murder:

“Watching them get away with things that you used to get ‘Jharur barees’ for is the worst feeling ever” said Rayhan while he was telling us about the time his little brother Farhan got away with cigarettes in his pocket because according to his mom “He doesn’t know any better”. Like, mom, he’s 19. He DOES know better!

9. Absolutely no privacy for your things:

Finding your little brother wearing your favorite shirt, spilling soup all over it or finding your little sister chewing on your favorite lipstick and smearing it all over her face and teeth; all because ‘they want to be like you’. Been there? So have I?

10. You’re super protective:

You’re always cautious and protective about them so if you ever find someone hurting them, you just can’t take it. You want to probably break their face in half, whoever it is, and do anything to make your little bundle of joy feels better.

11. Watch them grow up to be adults:

Knowing that they will eventually grow up to be adults who have to take their own responsibilities one day is a mixed feeling. It’s just overwhelming that they will not be little forever and not need you anymore. They will have to face the world on their own.

Being an elder sibling is one of the toughest and most under-appreciated jobs in the world. No matter what struggles you may go through, you’ll probably not have it any other way. Because in the end, seeing the little ones do something right with their lives is the best feeling ever!

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