How to appear more confident

How to appear more confident 4

Confidence. The magic solution to every problem.  We have all heard, “Be confident, be you, and success will follow”. This seems to be the key concept of every motivational speech out there. Sounds easy, right?

It’s undeniable, confidence is crucial in every aspect of your life. But what if you are not comfortable in your own skin? What if you have issues like anxiety, depression, panic disorders, or other mental health issues that are not obvious at first glance? What if “being you” doesn’t always feel like an option? At those times, you have to take certain measures to mitigate the situation.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make yourself appear to be more confident.

Dress fashionably

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Dressing fashionably does not mean that you have to wear branded clothes at all times. You can wear cheap clothes and still look chic and put together. Take a little time for yourself in the morning. Think about the mood of the day, think about the social situations you might have to tackle throughout the day and dress accordingly. If you are a girl, take a little time for your hair, take a little time to put on a little makeup.  Being conscious about your appearance draws attention to you, and the first step to being an actually confident person is to become comfortable in your skin, regardless of the staring eyes and the hushed voices. It won’t come in a day, but if you continue practicing, you will get there.

Improve your posture

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A common trait in confident people is how they hold themselves. Square your shoulder, hold your head up high, and straighten your backbone. Poor posture makes you look sloppy. Make yourself look bigger and bolder. And once you see the effect it has on people, you will automatically feel more ready to take on the world.
Practice your speech in front of the mirror.

Suppose you have a big presentation coming up in a week. Start preparing now. Write down your speech, and make sure to practice every day in front of the mirror. Make a list of all possible questions that you might face, and practice the answers to those questions. Getting cold feet? If possible, go to your presentation venue a day before. Walk around, get the feel of that place, and practice your speech before an audience. It can be anyone, from the janitor to a passer-by to a friend. This will familiarize you to the situation that you’re about to put yourself in, and it will help you feel in more control of the situation.

Take help

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You do not have to do everything by yourself. If you don’t want to invest in leadership courses, don’t. But pay attention to the people around you. Everybody you come across has something to offer you. Listen to them, watch them, and take in what’s good. If you get confused, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remember, most of the people will be happy to help you- and you are equipped with enough 6th sense to distinguish the ones that won’t. Trust your instincts, and you will be fine.

Learn to be comfortable around strangers

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If you’re constantly afraid that the whole world is out to get you, then you will never truly experience the joy of life. So smile more. Breathe more deeply. If you see a stranger on the street who is wearing a pretty saree, stop and compliment them politely. Start hanging out with yourself, and with strangers. Having trouble maintaining eye contact? Look in between their eyebrows. Work continuously to be a better person every day. Practice does make a man perfect, so practice being confident. And in time you will thrive.

If you think I’m ripping these off from generic internet articles, then you are wrong. These are all tested on me, by me. I am certainly not a hundred per cent successful yet, but I am on my way. At the very least, I have turned into an ambivert from a regular, shy introvert. So why don’t you try these on yourself, and let me know the results?

I pray for your success.


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