A new Witcher game?

Witcher, Thronebreaker

The teaser for a new Witcher game has been dropped out of the blue. A few hours ago, CDProject Red posted the following on their social media:

Similar Vibes

We’re not in Velen anymore… I’m not sure where we are

The top-down RPG, known as Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, has the same feel as the other games of the series but is vastly different. The game plays in the same way as old school top downs, and being an AA title, should be easier to run than a full priced one. Yet it still looks really good. Don’t take my word for it, here are pictures. It seems very well illustrated. It really is as beautiful as you remember the world of Witcher to be.

Huge Map?


The game will allow for a much bigger map with places not shown in the other games. It claims to have characters and places not found in the original three games. The trailer of the game shows a few places not seen in the games, and some that we have visited before.

30 Hours of Game

Nothing says RPG like dialogue options.

The new game, Thronebreaker, has 30 hours of gameplay, according to the game’s page on the developer website. However, CDProject Red is known for underpromising and overdelivering. Expect this game to have more gameplay than advertised. There are bound to be side quests.

New Characters


The game promises some classic book characters like Queen Meve, as well as characters who have already appeared in the games, like King Demavend III. It’s hard to tell how the game will actually play out, but these two seem to be protagonists, alongside Brouver Hoog, Gascon, Ardal Aep Dahy and Raynard Odo.

A surprise gift is at times the most pleasant. This game’s teaser trailer dropped out of the blue. Maybe that’s why the Witcher fans in us feel happy. The game will retail for $29.99 and pre-orders are available now.

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