Top 6 indie game developers

Top 6 indie game developers 6

Now, it has come to the point where indie games have provided better storytelling, visuals, and concepts than most of them AAA ones. I mean seriously EA you make me sad, and when I say Me, I speak for a lot of us. But thank the game gods for the indie developers who were there to make us hopeful during the times we lost hope. These Developers put heart and soul into these games just so that after a hectic day of reality we can get lost in a fantasy-land and forget our worries momentarily. They have given us the escape we needed. For example, when the Assassins Creed Unity failed us, Coffee Stain Studio bestowed upon us Goat Simulation as a ray of hope.

Now let us take a look at 6 of these Developers.

1. Telltale Games

Since established in 2004, Telltale over the recent years have provided us with the stories we wanted. With different outcomes each time, we played until we have gotten all of them. Batman Telltale series is one of my personal favorites. It’s one of those games that helps me forget my worries and tough times. Being a comic book geek this is the perfect escape for me. Telltale is one of the most known and mainstream companies in this list. Many of the readers have probably played games made by these guys before.

I do hope they make a Telltale series of The Punisher.

2. Amanita Design

Amanita Design is known mostly for Machinarium. A minimalist dark puzzle game that would keep you occupied for hours. It kept me occupied. The brainteasers and puzzles would actually be a challenge I would need to jump-start my brain after a boring day spent at school. It would instantly get me back to using my brain. It was a good alternative to coffee. Amanita has produced twelve games with Samorost series included. Amanita since 2003 is known for brainteasers and puzzles.

3. Studio MDHR

Studio MDHR is a new Game developer consisting of two brothers who took the world by storm with just one game CUPHEAD. It was announced in 2014 with some betas released but when the completed game came out it broke the internet. Cuphead is also a kind of special to me. Not just a kind of but a lot to be exact. When I finally gathered the courage to ask the girl of dreams out and got rejected Cuphead was there to help me get over it. The frustration of trying not to die for the gazillionth time and spending a whole month nonstop for completing the game helped me forget the event and overcome my depression in such a short notice was a miracle.

So yeah, I’m not gonna do a listicle about Game developers with Studio MDHR excluded. I hope they keep on making games like this in the future.

4. Cloud Imperium Games

Cloud Imperium started in 2012 with Star Citizen as a Kickstarter project. Now according to calculations made in March 2018, Star Citizen has passed a whopping amount of 181 million dollars just from crowdfunding and 2 million registered users, which makes it the biggest crowd-funded video game in history. HOLY MOLY! After knowing this info, this game now got my attention and I just had to find out why all the hype. Therefore, I call up my friend Tonmoy who bought this game and head out. Firstly, you get to chose whomever you want to be in this game and then the infinite universe with an immense number of planets and a stunning concept which won over peoples heart and support. This game is a prime example telling us People will support you if you can give the people something worthy of their time.

5. The Behemoth

If you’ve played Castle Crashers, you definitely love Behemoth. This game was not just fun but you are able to go 4 person team Co-op. Like, this is one of those Beat-em-up games that you call up your friends and four people could go nuts over constantly beating bad guys up. This is one of the games that prove you don’t always have to keep FIFA or NBA whenever friends come around for a stay over to have one hell of a blast.

6. Edmund McMillen

The man who made two of the well-known games, Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac. This was a tough choice between Behemoth and Edmund. Why not go for both? Super Meat Boy is one those games that almost everyone you know must have played at a point after release.

Well, this does not by any means concludes the list. What I have said is just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of Indie game developers that are out there, whom I have yet to discuss. These are just some of the Developers who I love the most for their unique works. Some hold a sentimental value some I just love for the sheer fun they provide.

Hope you liked my list and remember this is just my opinion. You’re welcome to comment your own indie darlings below.

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