Getaway of the week #4 – Dohar

Getaway of the week #4 - Dohar 3

It’s called the mini Cox’s Bazar. And for good reasons too. The endless horizon of water and splashing small waves at your feet on the muddy banks does remind one of Cox’s Bazar. Yes, talking about Moinot Ghat or Dohar as many prefer to call it. About one and a half hours journey away from Dhaka, Dohar is the perfect place to spend a day away from the busy urban life. The best time to visit Dohar would be now, as the continuous rain has filled the river Padma to the brink and the overcast sky and the calm Padma waters together make an unforgettable view to feast your eyes on.

Buses to Dohar leave from Gulistan from as early as 6.30AM. This one bus, Jamuna express will drop you off right on Moinot Ghat and costs 90tk. If you start early, expect to reach your destination by 8.30AM. If you’re lucky and the sky stays overcast, you’re in for a treat. Walk around barefooted by the river and let the small waves slowly break down at your feet. You can sit there if you like, or on any of the boats tied there to the ground. Maybe you’ll even get to listen to folk music from the half distorted Chinese mobile speaker of a nearby fisherman. It doesn’t sound bad at all in that setting.

Hire a boat for 200tk per hour and go deeper into the river, float around aimlessly, watch the villagers fishing, feel the cold and calming river winds against your face. If you’ve had a hectic week at school or work, that’s all the therapy you’ll ever need.

You can get down and take a bath in the river if you want. But do not try it if you’re not good at swimming. Dohar has had a disturbing history of drownings and a few danger spots even. If you’re adamant, make sure you take advise from the locals on how to avoid the dangerous spots. Above all, stay safe.

For lunch, you can find decent hotels at the river bank. Maybe give the “Bhaat, Bhorta, Ilish maach” platter a try. It certainly brings a little different local taste to the mouth. After lunch, you can start heading back, but this time instead of getting on the bus, why not explore around a bit?

Dohar falls under Kartikpur and Kartikpur is a small and quiet village-town. You can walk in the narrow village roads, among the tree lines, exploring a village life from a more personal point of view. The idea is not get to Kartikpur Baazar and from there you’ll find a bus to Dhaka. You’ll get auto rickshaws that’ll take you to Kartikpur Baazar. Hop in one and after arriving at the Baazar look around for Niranjan Mishtanno Vandar to try one of the best sweets ever produced in the country. If you’re into sweets, of course. (Who isn’t!)

There’s a small bridge, and across it you’ll find the ruins of an ancient temple. Visit the temple if you want.

The last bus to Dhaka leaves at 6 so get your exploration wrapped up by then and hop on the last bus to get back to Dhaka by 8.

We will be traveling down this road again, for our next Getaway of the Week, Munshigonj. Happy exploring!

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