6 Bangladeshi Instagrammers to make your feed a little more interesting (and pleasing on the eye!)

Between Snapchat and its terrifying new updates, and Facebook with its seriousness and bores, Instagram is the perfect social media platform to visually feed you with all the beauty in the world that you aren’t personally indulging in. This can include a vast number of things, ranging from art to fashion to photography, and in searching for what to follow on Instagram, what you might find exciting is that there are a number of popular Instagram blogs by Bangladeshis, and many of them quite professional and well-maintained. To fill your feed with some of the coolest and most aesthetic of those blogs, here are 6 Bangladeshi Instagram blogs that you should definitely follow!


Category: Photography

This Bangladeshi photographer captures some beautiful portraits, particularly playing with lighting, colour palettes and fashion within her works. Most of her works feature women, so her feed gives off very strong #GirlPower vibes as well!


Category: Art

If you’ve ever had any calligraphy video turn up on your newsfeed, you’ll know how hypnotizing and calming the art of calligraphy is. Well, this account is of Humairah, who does mesmerizing calligraphy, often against serene floral backgrounds. Hers is definitely a feed that will make you want to go back to practicing your handwriting in 2nd grade and you can actually try it too – she just did a successful workshop on calligraphy and is planning to do more workshops in the future that you can sign up for!


Category: Fitness

So we’re all a little (read: 5 months) behind on our New Years’ resolution of eating healthier and being healthier and drinking more water…but if you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle, who’s to say January 1st is the only acceptable time to do that? Jump into a blog full of healthy meal recipes and exercise videos with this fitness blog for some inspiration! She has some free-hand/no-equipment exercise videos on there as well, so this time, you really do have no excuses.


Category: Food blog

For all the foodies out there, this blog will serve as a blessing. Filled with recipes and photographs of gorgeous foods that will make your mouth water, this blog is perfect for anyone who is trying out the art of cooking, perhaps for the first time. And if you want to stay consistent with your healthy lifestyle plan, lucky for you that this blog is trying to do healthier foods as well, so again, no excuses this time!


Category: Lifestyle

If there’s one thing that’s most strikes out in this blog, it’s the fashion style of the blogger. Gorgeous jewelry, stunning hairdos, perfect makeup, lovely dresses – you name it, this blog has it. She recently just finished doing a series on her wedding which had 7 separate events – each fairytale-like and picturesque in its own way. This means that all the exquisite, fancy fashion posts are still right at the top of her ‘gram – so now would be the perfect time to follow her!


Category: Travel

Follow this faceless Bangladeshi girl as she documents, in scenic shots, all the beautiful places she wanders to – from Miami to Niagara Falls to New York to our very own Dhaka. It may add to rather than quench your wanderlust – but you’ll learn which cool places to hit up when you plan your next trip.

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