Looking To Buy A Laptop On A Budget? Here’s Device Mama

If you’re looking to buy a laptop on a fixed budget and don’t mind purchasing a used one, Device Mama has got you covered.

For the first time in Bangladesh, Device Mama is selling used laptops but with their very own warranty. The company gives warranty period of 3-6 months according the condition of the device. The warranty covers all parts and post -sell service.

This definitely will encourage more people to purchase used laptops with confidence with the add-on of a warranty, so that even if they face any problems with their device, they can get it fixed within the warranty period without any extra costs.

Besides the personal users, there are many corporate companies buying laptop from Device Mama for attractive price tag and warranty, the company informed in a media statement on Monday. The latest uploaded device information, configuration and updated price tag are available in the company’s website at www.devicemama.com. 

Device Mama is ta sister concern of the technology company System Eye Technologies Limited.

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