Graava- The New Action Cam That Can Also Edit Videos

Portable action cameras like GoPro have become very popular these days and why wouldn’t they be? These small, rugged and extremely handy cameras allow you take incredible footage from almost anywhere- whether you are jumping from a plane or diving into the depths of the ocean! While there are several brands that make these small cameras, GoPro has enjoyed almost monopoly status among users.

However, all that could change with the emergence of a new entrant in the market. Graava- developed in partnership with Matter Design, promises not to only take amazing videos, but also assures that it will save you the trouble of sifting through hours and hours of footage. How you ask? Well, the developers claim that the camera will take care of the video editing for you and will come up with a finished clip by itself!

Graava’s specs are nothing fancy but are quite decent nonetheless. It can shoot 1080p videos at 30 fps and 720p at 60 fps. It can also take 8MP still photos. The Graava also has a wide angle lens capable of covering 130 degrees. And with its ‘hyperlapse’ mode, it can automatically compiles the still images to make a 4k timelapse video. Power for all these will come from an 1100 mAh battery that can be charged with a wireless mat and will be good for shooting 3 hours of 1080p footage in a single charge.

Specifications wise the Graava is not very spectacular, and the developers are aware of it. The speciality of the device lies in its software which takes care of the biggest headache with video shoots- reviewing and editing the footage. By using a whole array of sensors including accelerometer, heart rate sensors, GPS and so on, the software  can supposedly pick the most exhilarating moments from the footage and compile them into a video. Moreover, the software is also capable of editing videos to match the beats of your preferred music and can also automatically sync videos from multiple Graava cameras.

Graava is yet to hit the market and will not be available until next year. However, pre-ordering is open and you can book yours early for $249 or buy it from retail shops later for $399. And in the meantime, enjoy this video!

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