YouTube Takes Down Controversial Mauka Mauka Video

‘Mauka Mauka’, a highly controversial video that belittled Bangladesh’s cricket team and liberation war, has finally been removed by YouTube. Mauka Mauka, a fan made video allegedly sponsored by Pepsi became the center of attention in Bangladeshi social media when it was uploaded a couple of days back.

The video showed a young Indian opening his door to find a kid representing Bangladesh standing with a box of flowers and other offerings. The Indian then pointed to a map where Bangladesh was circled out in red, with the caption ‘1971: India Created Bangladesh.’ Seeing this, the youngster representing Bangladesh shows respect by bowing down to India before leaving on his way.

After this video was uploaded, Bangladeshi supporters were infuriated and not without reason too. They took to the social media sites, protesting and reporting the video and even opening up an event page on Facebook to protest against it. Even though the video had amassed close to 300,000 views in a very short time, YouTube authority eventually took it down, citing breach of disciplinary policy, in face of massive protests by the Bangladeshi supporters.

Aside from protests, Bangladeshi youngsters have also released a video under the banner Tiger Cricket 3D where highlights of India losing to Bangladesh were shown. This video is also quickly becoming viral in the social media platforms.

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